The Up and Down New Terra — The Pilgrims

War does not determine who is right — only who is left” — Bertrand Russel

“New Moscow , 2174 OE” : 10 years have passed and the war is still raging between the west and the east, many casualties. Nuclear weapons and biological weapons are launched to kill each other. People languish, many victims fall, the elderly, and also small children. Buildings collapsed and left rubble, the economy was destroyed, inflation everywhere the prices of basic goods all soared. everyone is in fear, uncertainty and doubt about the future. The situation is getting worse.

An organization called The Sanctuary emerged that was concerned about the situation in New Terra. The sanctuary organization is looking for a way to solve the problem. Diplomatic steps were taken after the high table decided to intervere in the settlement of the war that had been going on for a long time. A messenger was sent to come to both sides. The west is willing to make peace if the east is willing to pay a number of tributes and losses due to war, while the east is willing to a truce if the west is willing to release hostages, make vaccines to ward off biological weapons. There were difficult negotiations until finally the Sanctuary gave a peace option where the western and eastern parties became one unit under the auspices of the sanctuary.

All the people will be prospered by the Sanctuary, there will be no war, fear, uncertainty and doubt. All decisions will be made democratically, the economy of all people will use $EYE and be managed as best as possible. New Terra’s people are rewarded every few periods on a regular basis. All of the Sanctuary’s income is used to make the people happy and prosperous.

Finally, the people of New Terra can be happy, it’s all thanks to the sanctuary led by The High Table.

Written by : KUMBEK#3936