My Android Learning Curve

Selection for the ALC programme by Andela in partnership with Udacity and Google was exciting. However, the gradual realization of difficulty making progress in combination with my profession became burdensome.

In 2014, I had the first exposure to code through the Android Study Jams organised by the Google Developer Group, Ibadan headed by Alli Omogbolahan and Hamza Fetuga where we wrote some code on white board marker at the Computer Science department for some of us with impoverished system specifications which could not run basic JDK, Android Studio, Chrome with open tabs at least for Stack Overflow, Google Developers sites simultaneously without ‘crashing’ or ‘overheating’!

Sadly then, I always had some difficulty learning to focus on code due to schoolwork training to be a physiotherapist and other extra-curricular activities.

Fast forward to now…. The knowledge that the ALC programme will nurture a distributed collaborative community with like-minded passionate individuals, experienced facilitators, and seasoned industry course instructors (the best feature I loved about it) especially from the doyens, Udacity and Google was sweet :)

AARRGHH! The entire marathon involved in completing the Lessons on the Udacity Classroom from Layouts, Views, Making App interactive, Object Oriented Programming etc; I literally got stuck here :( involved sleep deprivation, gluteal (buttock) pains, slow internet and of course the typical frustrating Nigerian power outage.

I was rescued by CoLab, Kaduna, Northern Nigeria’s first innovation hub and co-working space.

There were several times I literally felt like crying as I currently manage a laptop that lasts just 26 mins without light! Other times, oh boy, with a cardiac-like pain, I was tempted to send a pull-out email to Andela Nigeria!

Thanks to facilitators; Murtala Adamu (Lead, GDG KASU), Adetuyi Tolu Emmanuel, my able team captain, Mercy Markus (who helped check my intent errors for the final project), Achi Bonet and Mr. Martins, (who helped with Project 1, and CourtCounter) and all members of the NEW Team 1; yea, y’all rock!).

I ended with a Final Project app on physiotherapy examination which I know may not score high in Kene Udeze and Chimdindu Aneke UI score book but I promise you, watch my space closely.

Currently, I squeeze the lemon to complete the remaining parts of the Beginner Track and I am sure I will make the Intermediate track.


Andela (#TIA)


and Google Developers for this indispensable contribution to my path to being a dope developer :) !

Let’s keep on building Africa’s world-class developers!

For most people in the medical profession, involvement in a programming course is not common. The challenge lies not in the interest in coding but in the enormity of a medical career. The basic life of a medical professional especially if you are good and passionate about caring for patients is crazily busy and I am not exaggerating.

As a Physiotherapist, I am constantly involved in the physical management of patients with impairments, activity limitations and most time participation restrictions. This specialty in healthcare is energy-sapping, mentally draining, low-staffed in the country though in dire need.