When you love too much

For so long I have battled against writing but finally, there is too much inside of me that the only release i can get is to write it down and put it in the wild. These are my personal views and what I’ve realised after watching the struggle of lots of people. I still am part of that struggle and the hopelessness it all too often drowns a person in.

How heart wrenching it is to know that the person you profess to love does not have time for you. After all the effort you put in to show the person that you care, at every turn they forget that you exist. You wake up in the morning and at the very least expect a message from that person but nothing, a silence you can’t fathom. You log on to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp or BBM and see the person just updated status or wished someone a happy birthday a few minutes ago. You send a message to check up on the person and get a reply hours later with the excuse that they are busy. They have time to call and check up on their friends but never you. You call several without answer and they don’t call back. How hurtful the whole process is.

The question that keeps bugging me after seeing and going through all this is, why go on, why carry on a semblance of what used to be? Isn’t it much better to just let it go and move on? I don’t have answers to these questions but hope to find them soon. In the meantime I’ve made peace with myself and care for those who genuinely care about me.