This article reports on a project, integrating Stencila and Binder, which started at the eLife Innovation Sprint 2018 (#eLifeSprint). A longer version has been cross-posted on multiple blogs (eLife Labs, Stencila, o2r).

eLife, an open science journal published by the non-profit organisation eLife Sciences Publications from the UK, hosted the first eLife Innovation Sprint 2018 as part of their Innovation Initiative in Cambridge, UK: “[..] a two-day gathering of 62 researchers, designers, developers, technologists, science communicators and more, with the goal of developing prototypes of innovations that bring cutting-edge technology to open research communication.”

Daniel Nüst

Daniel is a researcher at the Institute for Geoinformatics, Münster, Germany, working on reproducible research in geosciences and GI Science. Open Scholarship!

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