Navigating life

It has been three weeks after arriving home. Being a student once more time was indeed fun and pressure-free, yeah there’s considerable amount of stress, however it’s still manageable. I now understand why people liked saying, "enjoy your time while still being student", when I was in undergraduate. The privileges which I possessed by being students will be replaced with the job that is time-consuming and full-pressured. Free time is million steps away from common working daily life, especially because I once get back to job market, I am typical workhorse who can easily get caught up in my job. Thus, I am now enjoying the first moment of contributing to unemployment rate back in home.

It doesn’t mean that I’m not thinking about my life. Life navigation happened in last three weeks. Life sometimes doesn’t yet offer what we want, so we gotta make choice either to wait for the chances being opened or to choose the alternative options that we prefer. It’s even particularly harder to decide, if I should align with my objectives. Well, as long as I can still be in line with what I want, I’d rather be flexible about my options.

Be stubborn about my goals but be flexible about my methods.

Alternative choices, wants and available opportunities are what I call as triangle of life. Not only once or twice, but a lot of times this situation may arise in the midst of uncertainty. Taking available opportunities, for me, is the most possible way to seize the moment.

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