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I am: Andrei Edell (aka Huge Lung), an Ethereum entrepreneur working full time on, an indie blockchain game

When I first read that tweet, I was really surprised. We’ve been thinking since the start of Bitcoin that fees would gradually become the long-term thing that sustains miners. We were told that paying miners = security for the network. However, it turns out that the game theory of “transactions fees” dominating miner revenue is quite different from the game theory of “block rewards”

Overview of the problems

The Bitcoin Whitepaper explained that the “block rewards” that miners earn (for finding new blocks) should slowly go away. As rewards drop, transaction fees would become the new means of securing the blockchain. Ethereum is modeled on this concept too, though has no fixed cap. Then, it follows: big blocks are good, because big blocks = more fees = more security. However, looking back at this idea now, we see that there was a fair bit of hand-waving done in this transition. A new scalability problem became…

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A unique feature of the Ethereum-based Flowerpatch Game is the ability to obtain 100% free (we pay the gas) FLOWERs and other NFTs by playing our present hunting mini-game:

We’re proud to announce the highly anticipated release of the very first version of our FLOWER farming game platform — ‘Flowerpatch Alpha’, the only blockchain-based virtual cannabis farming game.

The Flowerpatch Alpha release marks the first time players can participate in our in-browser game platform. This early release is integral to the development of Flowerpatch, as it will allow our team to gather information from our early-adopters and help us improve the game in the coming months!

As such, we’re really excited to share this release with our community, which has grown over the last few months into a vibrant group who are ready to journey into Alvita — the game world which now allows the planting and harvesting of your precious FLOWERs! But before we take a look at what’s included in the Flowerpatch Alpha, let’s explore the history of the Land of Alvita, which you’ll have had a first look at through this latest release. …

What is BoxSwap

BoxSwap changes the game for owners of Non fungible tokens(NFT’s) like flowers, by providing a platform to securely use and trade NFT’s. Their smart user interface uses 0x to build custom swap contracts for any trade. Partnering with BoxSwap is the first step in our goal to build a cohesive community of blockchain technology providers to help with our ecosystem. BoxSwap is Flowerpatch’s first integration partner, providing simple trust-less trading of flowers.

Make smart contracts using BoxSwap

There are two ways of using BoxSwap to trade, the BoxSwap website and the their discord bot Swapbot. BoxSwap offers a wallet on their website with constantly evolving advanced features. …

Whether it’s CryptoKitties or Tron Dogs, most people who follow the blockchain space have by now heard about the rise of blockchain gaming.

Aside from pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the blockchain, as CryptoKitties famously showed when it caused a congestion crisis of transactions on the Ethereum network, blockchain games also act as an easy and fun access point for new cryptocurrency users to enter the blockchain sphere.

So far, most blockchain based games have centred around unique collectibles stored on the blockchain — with little or no usability beyond novelty value. …

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Hey everyone, the team here at Flowerpatch is excited to announce the release of update 1.7.0. With this update comes the release of Breeding! This new mechanic allows you to interact with your Flower cards in a whole new way, allowing you to selectively breed your own unique Flower cards.

Hey everyone, the team here at Flowerpatch hopes you had a great holiday season filled with family, fun, and great nugs. The team has made leaps and bounds in terms of progress in the past couple weeks and closed 2018 at a great spot; we really hope to keep our momentum going as we march on through 2019.

The Flower Market

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Screenshot of the Flower Market

Around Christmas, the team released the first version of the Flower Market with 33 different strains of flowers, but as of publishing this article, there are 34 strains of flowers in the market, and 555 total flowers. These original 33 strains are all part of the genesis pack of flowers. …

A cannabis farming MMO that rewards you with real cannabis

Late last year, a group of friends were sitting around a coffee table in California, enjoying some fine cannabis, and talking about crypto. We were all long time crypto idealists, so talk turned to projects that we could do ourselves. That was the birth of NUG, our stable coin backed by redemption in cannabis. NUG is the first stable coin based on a highly liquid consumable commodity.

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1 NUG = 1 gram of cannabis

We were unimpressed with the other crypto projects going on in the cannabis space. All of them were building generic cryptocurrencies that were not substantially different from Bitcoin. Most of them became privacy-oriented coins, which reduced their utility further, in a highly regulated industry. Some of them seemed like well designed cash grabs and nothing more. None of them were based on Ethereum’s smart contracts system. We wanted to really add value, and create something that was politically and economically sound. …



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