Flower Markets and Community Growth: The Best Way to Start 2019

Hey everyone, the team here at Flowerpatch hopes you had a great holiday season filled with family, fun, and great nugs. The team has made leaps and bounds in terms of progress in the past couple weeks and closed 2018 at a great spot; we really hope to keep our momentum going as we march on through 2019.

The Flower Market

Screenshot of the Flower Market

Around Christmas, the team released the first version of the Flower Market with 33 different strains of flowers, but as of publishing this article, there are 34 strains of flowers in the market, and 555 total flowers. These original 33 strains are all part of the genesis pack of flowers. As the team continues to update the game and market, we will release new packs of cards to keep the market fresh with new and interesting flowers.

Levels of flower rarity

The cards themselves come in varying rarities determined by the Growth Speed and Harvest Size stats on the back of the card. The rarer the card, the better the plant, plain and simple. However, the total value of the card is not only determined by the rarity of the card, but also by the several other stats associated with each and every flower card. These other numeric stats are not objectively better as the value is increased, but are valuable because they change how the game can be played. For example, if a player wants to farm strictly THC plants, they would favor the THC stat over the CBD, and vice versa.

Screenshot of the the flower creation page

As the team finalizes and implements the breeding features, players will be able to breed for specific traits that they care about and make any farm they desire.

Social Media

Screenshot of Flowerpatch Discord

On top of all the technical growth of Flowerpatch, the team’s social media presence expanded as well. There are nearly 100 people in the company’s Discord, as well as over 135 people registered on the mailing list. We will use the mailing list as a way to communicate updates to anyone interested in our project so be sure to sign up. The Discord will primarily be used to interact with our community. We post giveaways on our Discord for free flower cards as well as ask the community for ideas of where we should take the game next. On top of that, most of the founders of Flowerpatch are always available to chat about the game or just about anything else.

Looking forward, the team is working hard on finalizing the breeding features of the game, so keep a look out for breeding to implemented in the next week or so. After breeding, the team will continue to introduce new features to Flowerpatch, so be sure to subscribe to our email list to receive all the blog posts and updates. Happy farming everyone!