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Weedmaps HQ

Anyone who knows the guys who run Weedmaps knows they are some pretty loyal dudes. That, in fact, is one of the reasons (and money) that Weedmaps still lists trap (unlicensed) dispensaries and brands. And even though they recently agreed to remove any/all unlicensed operators from the site, no exact date for the mass deletion was given.

There are currently a handful of SoCal brands that are also freinds of Weedmaps (mostly in Los Angeles) that for whatever reason, have not yet been licensed to operate legally by the State of California. If Weedmaps were to suddenly make good on their pledge today they would have to remove them from the site. …

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After a brief hiatus, is back. Our mission is to help stoners find high quality thc products in high quality Southern California dispensaries.

Every week we publish useful guides and reviews covering the best and most popular marijuana dispensaries, flower, extracts, vape, and edibles.

We plan to use our unique position in the industry to bring you helpful information you won’t find anywhere else.

With over 75 years combined thc consumption and experience, our team of highly educated lungs will educate consumers and help them weed through all of the bullshit that licensed shops are full of.

Have a look at our Start Page and be sure to reach out and let us know if you have any questions, comments, or complaints about the new site or the state of the industry in Southern California.


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