FUE Hair Transplant for Men UK - Effective Baldness Treatment and Hair Loss Treatment

In the realm of receding hairlines and balding pate, an assurance of hair regrowth seems to be breath of fresh air. Men are often worried about their foreheads getting exposed as the hairline starts going back and there is receding hairline. Although this is supposedly quite common as androgenic alopecia, some people are so desperate about their hairs that they do not stop at anything to get back hair all over their scalp. While many local methods like oil and medications may not be satisfying, the Follicular Unit Extraction method seems to be working quite nicely for lots of men with male pattern baldness.

Reasons many:

Moreover, the reasons for baldness in men are quite limited, with the major reason being the androgenic hormone related. Due to this reason, the hair usually tends to fall off from the front while some people also have central baldness or thinning of hair. In men though, there is presence of hair at the base of the head and neck, which is the primary donor site for transplantation and extraction. Since these hairs are not influenced by the DHT hormones, they are the best suited areas for extraction method. In FUE hair treatment for men, hence, the donor site actually has quite feasible hair for the given purpose.


Follicular unit extraction or FUE method of hair transplantation involves extracting single units of follicles of the hair from the area between the back of head and upper part of the neck. Each follicle is then transplanted over many hours and sittings onto the scalp where baldness has occurred.

Quick Recovery Time:

With advantages of clean and fine transplant, the FUE hair treatment for men is having quick recovery time, through which the patient will not have any discomfort after the procedure is over. Recovery is also quick because very fine tools are utilized to remove the follicles from the donor zone.

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