Male Pattern Baldness | Men Hair Loss and Hair Thinning Treatment

Scientifically termed as androgenic alopecia, most widely known as the male pattern baldness is a condition which is seen in almost a third of Caucasian males in the world today, by the time they reach their thirties.

According to studies, it has been seen that about 6.5 million men in United Kingdom are affected with this male pattern baldness issue in the current time.
 While this hair receding condition starts off with a receding hairline followed by thinning of hairs on the temples and on the crown until the patches meet to slowly turn the entire area to bald.

What’s the cause for men to lose their manes?

While the male pattern baldness is usually considered to be a genetic disorder which is caused when testosterone (a hormone) gets converted into DHT which in turn has a drastically negative impact on the hair follicles. The negative impact of the DHT includes stopping or slowing down of hair growth which results into baldness.

While losing hair is not always a thing to worry about unless you want to have hairs for your comfort, at certain times increased tendency to getting bald may point out directly to an underlying and neglected health issue, excessive stress, hormonal imbalances, shock and side effects of medical treatments which needs attention.

The treatments associated with male pattern baldness :

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