I got my Karma Go back in August of 2015 under their Refuel program with 20 GB of data to start…
Oscar Parada

I’m sorry that happened, Oscar. Honestly, I get why they can’t hold up that business model as far as prepaid data that never expires. I was very forgiving of them on many missteps. My posts were a way to hold them accountable, with the first being more of a warning.

The way they handled this makes me sad. People will be quick to tell me they are a “for profit company and can’t do you favors” when I’m like “you do realize that I’m not asking for favors, right?”

I need a decent connection, at a competitive rate. And they offered that AND THEN PUT THEIR FOOT IN THEIR MOUTH!

They knew they were going to lose some customers over this, even if they paint it with nice words. Some of us just got burned too often too long.

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