The short answer is: Because “Never Expire” data associated with a product that has no monthly charge creates “Phantom Customers”… with “Forever Costs”… even in the presence of “Never Revenue”.
Karma Refuel Grandfather Program FAQ

So why it took people being outraged just to say this?

Karma, how often do you communicate to customers? Or better yet, what do you think “communicating” is? Because the biggest type of communication is email, followed by blogging, followed by social media.

You have done NO communication with your current base saved for that last email on Friday about much. Drift? There was no formal announcement except one small post about it on Instagram and in turn Twitter. Terms of Service changes? Nothing. People have to say something about that. Google changes their terms of service all the time, but when they do, they mentioned those changes throughout all possible venues and give us time.

“We haven’t accepted new ReFuel plans for six months.” Yes, well, the only way we could have figured that out is by visiting your website.

I mean, if you have communicated your intentions when you- Let’s say took away the Refuel Plan off your site instead of playing “hide and go seek” when you did it, then it would have benefitted you a bit. “We’re fading out our traditional plan because XYZ. However, we will honor all current customers and we will move forward with ABC.” No company talk, just plain speak on a blog post and then an email to your customers.

Because apparently, you guys have forgotten the founding team’s history (which by the way, another thing you failed to communicate, because companies DO communicate when CEO and addresses changes) of missteps.

Also, here’s another fun fact: the lack of communication may also had motivate people to NOT jump on Pulse. Imagine having to do deep searches just to find out what’s going on over there. It wouldn’t be until the start of this year when I realized your offices have been relocated and your team changed.

I am more upset about this than I am about losing Refuel because I do plan on using this service beyond that, but wasn’t sure what to do when I don’t know what the company is up to. So I waited until you done your moves.

If you done them right, I would be like “okay, it hurts a little, but I understand.” But you didn’t. And I’m tired of playing “guess”. When I used to be with CLEAR, I at least know that I can only use them until a certain time. They was a blueprint of what I can do personally. But if you guys were to go “bankrupt” tomorrow, would I know?

Nah, I dunno if I can do this type of worrying long term.

P.S. — The fact that I’m blocked on Twitter (And still am) because I have a valid concern doesn’t win you any favors either.

Update (5/16/17 1:01 PM EST): After I posted this up, they decided to block anymore public responses. Apparently, holding the current team accountable for their mishaps isn’t something I’m supposed to do.

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