Anything can be your “assets”. Some has a shape, and some don’t.

What Is nukumo?

nukumo is a platform that changes variety of things that you own into something that you can share with your friends (click here to learn more about nukumo). nukumo considers everything you have as “assets”, even if they seem normal, useless or unnecessary for you. You can share your “assets” to people around you and help people who need it. OK, let’s take a specific example to see what it really is.

You Can Help by Sharing

Suppose there is an international student who is studying abroad for a year in the country…

Have you ever hesitated to give something to someone because you cannot help thinking about enough return or the bad result for you when you give your knowledge or stuff to other people?

This was me, and I was sunk in self-hatred. Although there are a lot of people like me who hesitate to give to someone, there is a lot of merits that you have not known yet about giving. In my case, I found it good to give one day, and I came to be willing to give. …

We have launched nukumo, a sharing platform for practically anything.

nukumo, founded in 2018 May by Ogurin and Akito Yamada, is a new type of sharing platform for “assets” such as clothing, food, housing, skills, tools, coupons and the list goes on. Your “asset” could be anything.

How it works

We have made the App very simple. You can share your asset with your friends just by uploading it on our App. …


nukumo is a sharing platform for food, clothing, rooms, cameras, skills, anything! We will post updates and news of nukumo. Website:

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