What Your “Asset” Really Is

Anything can be your “assets”. Some has a shape, and some don’t.

What Is nukumo?

nukumo is a platform that changes variety of things that you own into something that you can share with your friends (click here to learn more about nukumo). nukumo considers everything you have as “assets”, even if they seem normal, useless or unnecessary for you. You can share your “assets” to people around you and help people who need it. OK, let’s take a specific example to see what it really is.

You Can Help by Sharing

Suppose there is an international student who is studying abroad for a year in the country you live in. Let’s say your country is Japan and the student comes from Indonesia. He studies hard and works part time everyday to earn the cost of living, but he cannot afford to spend money luxury.

Indonesia is a country of perpetual summer which has no winter. On the other hand, Japan is a land of four seasons and winter in Japan is freezing cold. How would he prepare for that cold? To be more specific, what does he need to buy for the winter in Japan? Probably he would buy a overcoat, sweaters or anything else to wrap up warmly.

So, just think for a moment. He has to spend money that he saves to buy a overcoat just for the winter that is only 3 or 4 months of the one-year study abroad. What’s more, he won’t use it when he goes back to Indonesia. Don’t you think it’s a waste of money? If you have a overcoat that you haven’t used anymore in your house, please upload and share it via nukumo. Then he could find and use it instead of buying, which means he would reduce the wasteful expenses. Isn’t it simple and nice?

Shapeless Assets

Is he just being shared and cannot share anything because he doesn’t have anything to share? …He can also share too! Even if it doesn’t have a shape, various things can become “assets”. For example, he can speak and teach his mother language to people. He could tell his travel experiences of where he has been. That would be also nice to give some advice to people who want to go to his country (then people don’t need to go to travel agency!). Not only things that you spent money on but also your skills, times, and experiences can be “assets”.

The World nukumo Aim to Make

Via nukumo, you can share anything as “assets”, and you are not only the one who is sharing, but your friends will also share a lot of things too. What if your friend shares something you need? You can just get shared and no need to buy it. What if some “assets” you shared is what your friends need? You can make your friends happy!

nukumo believes that sharing reduces the waste of money, time and labor of your life, and will help the world realize that you can use your money, time and labor for what you want to do. Let’s share your “assets” to your friends and make the world a better place together!

Written by Fumi Nishida
A nukumo intern. A student of Hiroshima University. Born in Hiroshima, Japan.

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