Twitter: fix your reporting system

Last week, I contacted twitter support about one of my family members addresses being posted by some script kiddie who did a whois on a domain that I own. I got a generic response back telling me it’d be looked at in 48 hours: at this point I thought the post would be removed, and user banned, just like reddit did.

This image really confused me: why does twitter need ID and a bill to remove an address, and death threats?

So I responded with this, in hope I wouldn’t need to supply ID to them — after all, they have enough information about me already.

I’d rather not give you this information, as I don’t deem it necessary. The said user has already harassed me, and multiple people. He has additionally tagged me in the message, mocking me, and trying to scare me into things. Why is ID needed to remove a death threat?

The email I got back is just a complete joke.

My questions were completely ignored, and once again they’re just trying to get my ID. It doesn’t make any sense: reddit dealt with it within hours, and the user, and posts were scrubbed from the web.

So, as a last measure, I got a few people to report the offending tweets, and, not to my surprise, twitter doesn’t care. The automatic response I got was sent to those people too: however, they didn’t even reply to their report.

Come on twitter, you’re a big company, and why have rules if you’re not going to enforce them correctly? Under no circumstances do you need ID to remove tweets like this: …

Twitter support is non-existent, and useless. If you have issues with content on twitter, don’t bother reporting it: it’s apparent they just don’t give a fuck. Also, hats off to reddit, the admins responded quickly, and assured me he’d be nuked.