Here’s the full writeup to Mashable

Of course they would omit things, they’re journos. Also, biased coverage.

The name HighBlood is inspired by the Chaebol ruling class trope popular in Korean drama shows. It is also meant to playfully evoke the theme of a Vampire high society/elite cabal. HighBlood is intended for those who would be interested in a meaningful exploration through this rabbit hole where I am the storyteller and chief expressionist. I intend to capture much of collective psyche. Themes include Truth and Veracity, violating norms regarding political correctness and breaking society’s rules for how success can be achieved — and pertinently hinging upon the notion of a beautiful collaboration between two parts of a power couple — Frank and Claire Underwoods. Instrumentally, we give HighBlood for those who are sick and tired of fake profiles, scams and bots in online dating. Probably > 80% of all participants on dating apps see only 20% of interactions, most people are just blank swiping and we intend to allow users to collectively dictate the aesthetic quality of the experience.

Experts would be manually verifying the details (by image capture) submitted by users on the app. We think most of the bulk of our initial users will come from Universities though, and the option to verify schools would most likely be used most — this would be a completely automatic process. On a related note, we have growth engines within the app that leverage on such campus interaction. For example, verifying with your institute email e.g. would give you special access to the Harvard co-ed group chat. Ditto NUS, NTU, SUTD etc. Ivy league universities and top UK universities will also be available for verification. Alumni who don’t have access to their institute email can verify through image capture of their graduation certificate. Income/Profession can only be verified by image capture at this moment.

HighBlood has not received funding but depending on whether I secure a marketing co-founder, I am willing to pay for a good marketer to generate organic groundswell.

We have received over a hundred signups on our subscription page and I dare say quite a bit of attention on instagram.

About the advert — we are not racist because science has conclusively proven that genetically, and if you assume intelligence to be the objective dimension of comparison, there are no differences between the races. What does manifests in Asian culture however, and especially in Singapore, is a certain racial preference when it comes to dating — we are merely responding to honest (however politically incorrect) feedback respondents have given us when we asked them what they find insufferable in dating apps. Additionally, when probed further, some of them revealed that the preference was occupational rather than racial. Because of the nature of our app, we would like to interpret the terms as pertaining to occupations rather than a certain ethnicity. Interestingly, we would also like to question critics, does having a racial preference in considering a life partner make one racist?

I do not think we are classist at all. Elite dating apps typically focus on exclusivity and being invite-only, which is okay but not robust because who’s to say app creators have the sole right to decide who’s in and who’s out? Conversely, HighBlood serves as neutral custodians of objective facts. We only verify information and leave the yardsticks and judging to the users. The process of denying entry into HighBlood is also performed by existing users. We’re here to improve the landscape of online dating as a whole in our commitment to eliminate fake profiles.

I am very, very determined to improve veracity in the general Internet landscape and eliminate bots and fake profiles in online dating through our fact verification system described earlier. I happen to be a victim of catfishing myself.

Thanks for the interest.