How is fessup different from facebook confession pages?

1. Everyone is an Admin on fessup

Previously before NUS Whispers came around in 2015, there was a facebook page with a 27K following known as NUS Confessions, whose administrator(s) decided to stop posting one day. There isn’t any failsafe in this regard. Unlike facebook confessions, everyone is an admin on fessup and will be able to Bin (left swipe) or Trend (right swipe) posts on communities, for example, the @nus community. No one single person or minority of individuals owns the @nus community on fessup, everyone in @nus owns it. Think of a figurative collective organism come alive.

2. fessup streamlines posting and broadcast all in one app

Confessions on Facebook operate across two apps: They typically utilize google forms as a post submission mechanism and Facebook itself as the broadcasting network. fessup keeps everything tidy and streamlined in one app.

3. Instant Broadcast

You don’t have to wait for an admin to approve your anonymous post. You just post it and it is immediately broadcasted to @nus, @ns or any collective on fessup.

4. Anonymous Reply

Don’t want to reply to confessions using your real identity on Facebook? Now you can. You also get to reply as an author of a post anonymously in the same thread, instead of having to re-submit a confession and wait for the admin to post it up. This is 2016.

5. Automatic Notifications

Get notifications when people comment on your anonymous posts without having to track the post manually (like on facebook). Notification settings on fessup are very customizable too so different types of notifications can be turned on and off.

6. Authentication

Ever wonder if a confession was really from a student from the same school as you? Wonder no more. fessup features authentication via institutional email so fessers (users) can remain anonymous while still having the ability to assure their readers that they are indeed from said school.

This is an anonymous post, without being authenticated:

This is an anonymous post, but Authenticated with

7. Private Messaging and Community Chat

Only on iOS at the moment. Community chat for all @nus people!

Also ever wanted to private message someone who commented on your anonymous post but that would be revealing your identity to the person? Well now you can do it anonymously!

Here is community chat on @ntu:

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