What is AuthentiDating? (FAQ for Tinder with an income filter)

Herbert Eng
Dec 4, 2016 · 4 min read

HighBlood is a dating app that allows you to swipe and filter based on accountant-verified information: income, profession and prestige schools. The innovation here is to eliminate fake profiles and frivolity in online dating by reducing uncertainty and empowering people with the confidence that certain aspects of a potential match have indeed been verified by professionals.

Existing apps already do this but they do not have verification of specific details. There is no concept of identity authentication with two or more factors on these dating apps.

We’re also decentralizing the selection process of the traditional matchmaking agency by allowing people to perform their own appraisals instead of relying on matchmaking protocols these agencies use. Quite simply, moving control of objective yardsticks from middlemen to users. Users will be able to filter and set lower limits on income as well as filter according to prestige schools such as Yale, Cambridge, Harvard — whatever the user’s preferences are. This is a tool for people to filter who they would like to meet based on objective criteria.

This means Indians will now have a readily accessible catalog of prospective matches they can pick from at no cost and be able to trust that the information given has been audited by a third party. It means Koreans and Japanese can totally stop wasting time on blind dates arranged by their parents. It means Singaporeans can conveniently check out their dates’ income/profession before committing to meet up physically, which can be troublesome.

What is the Community Acceptance Process like?

Each new user gets randomly assigned to 5 existing HighBlood users who will pass/fail the user. You need 3/5 to get into the network and you can try again if you fail once a day. I’m sure people will be sharing that they got on the platform successfully on their social medias! If you keep failing, you may pay 100 SGD to bypass this initiation process.

What if I don’t want to provide my sensitive personal information?

Verification of income or professional certification is completely optional. If you do it, you get a verification tick beside the information. If you don’t do it, you can still provide the information but it will be “tick-less”. Our vision is to verify all the worlds education and professional certificates.

This means you can choose not to submit any income details at all and still be able to use the app like you use other dating apps.

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How to I submit my personal information?

To verify income, furnish a snapshot using your phone camera of your income tax return and your passport/national ID side by side.

To verify profession, furnish a snapshot of employment contract and your passport/national ID side by side

To verify education, input alumni email and a verification check will be sent to your alumni email. If you don’t have access to your alumni email anymore, furnish your educational certificate together with your country ID card.

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In theory, you might notice that verification is one-time only and valid for a year before you have to re-verify. But in practice it’s actually persistent because other users would be able to flag you down for submitting incorrect information sometime down the road. So the real innovation here is Accountant-audited objective metrics on a real identity social network.

Can I join even if I’m poor?

Highblood doesn’t make any judgment on your income, even if it’s zero; we are merely offering an environment so that online dating can be free of fake profiles and a search and filter tool. In effect, HighBlood does not discriminate against anyone based on their income. You do have to pass the 3/5 requirement to join though.

In fact, HighBlood isn’t about being elite really. it’s about uncertainty reduction, exposing the Truth and surfacing true competence over superficial positives. Might be counterintuitive to most people.

Can married people join?

You should definitely still use HighBlood for networking, or if you secretly want to keep your options available when needed.

How do we know this will be a thing?

Online dating is serious business:

USA: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/of-love-and-money-the-rise-of-the-online-dating-industry-cm579616 China: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-06-03/in-china-a-surfeit-of-online-dating-startups

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