NULS and Guangdong University
of Technology’s Web Identity Security Lab, (WIS Lab) Join in Strategic Alliance

Guangdong University of Technology’s Network
Identity Safety Seminar, Guangdong-Hong Kong Joint
Laboratory Yields NULS and WIS Lab Strategic Alliance

Nov 12, 2019 · 2 min read

On November 8, 2019, Niels Wang, the Technical Lead Development
Manager of the NULS core team, was invited to participate in the blockchain seminar hosted by Guangdong University of Technology’ s Website
Identity Safety (WIS Lab) Guangdong-Hong Kong Joint Laboratory.

Niels conducted a presentation to explain in detail the technology of public blockchains, and NULS specifically, including the trends and technological innovations of chain-building. After the seminar, NULS and WIS Lab established a joint laboratory for strategic cooperation to conduct shared research in the field of blockchain technology and security.

WIS Lab was founded in 2016 by Professor Liu Wenyin, of School of Computer Science, from Guangdong University of Technology. As part of the fifth batch of innovative team projects in Guangdong Province China, WIS Lab is committed to the development of international leading network identity security technology, having developed the fake website monitoring and detection system security scan code App “Safety Brush.” WIS Lab is also responsible for the network identity management of the popular and widely-used software and hardware systems called “Login Easy” and “Login Launcher.”

As a global open-source enterprise blockchain solution platform, NULS is the first to integrate microservices with blockchains, to eliminate the
barriers of blockchain technology, support multi-language development, and allow deployment on demand. NULS is the world’s most adaptive blockchain and considers safety to be the cornerstone of blockchain technology.

The strategic cooperation between NULS and WIS Lab will advance innovations in the field of blockchain security with the advantages of both parties in their respective fields, while developing higher performance and security technology, creating products to ensure the steady development and adoption of blockchain.


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