NULS has Formed a Strategic Alliance with US Hedge Fund Ulysses Capital

Ulysses Capital is based in Los Angeles, with additional offices in London and Sydney. Ulysses Capital manages around US$1.5 billion in a long-short strategy, and its current portfolio focuses on bonds (70%) and stocks (30%). They have recently begun investing in blockchain companies as well as crypto and plan to increase the investment size gradually.

Ulysses Capital recently established a crypto fund to invest in cryptos and blockchain companies. Among them, NULS was selected as the first platform coin investment based on NULS’s blockchain superiority and team development capability.

“We highly valued the technical superiority of the NULS platform and the ability of the team to successfully launch Mainnet and align with Bitmain,” said Joon Lee, the fund manager in charge of the Ulysses Capital’s Crypto Fund. “We will build a win-win relationship with each other by creating more opportunities for NULS in the future.”

Starting with this investment and partnership, NULS will actively seek cooperation with future institutional investors to increase its value.

“I’m pleased to see that NULS has been selected as the first platform-coin investment by a traditional hedge fund,” COO Isaac Kim said. “Through this investment and partnership, NULS will continue to collaborate with renowned hedge and private equity funds and seek opportunities within traditional financial markets and with institutional investors including joint investments in NULS-based Dapp and Blockchain companies.”

We will build a leading position as a partner in the future market entry of institutional investors. Keep your eyes on us in the days ahead!

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