Bi-Monthly Progress. September 4th

Sept 4th, 2018: Welcome to the NULS bi-monthly progress update.

It’s been an incredibly active couple of weeks and we have made great strides on tech, recruitment, community development, marketing and partnerships.

Exchange News


Binance completed the NULS main-net token swap.

Marketing drive: To celebrate and promote the awareness of NULS, Binance launched a 50,000 NULS give-away competition. The pool will be split among qualifying users who (a) complete level 2 verification and (b) trade at least 2,000 NULS (buy or sell) during the competition period. Competition period ends: 6th September.


OKEx completed the NULS main-net token swap. They have generated new wallet addresses, be sure to use your new wallet address when sending NULS to your OKEx account.


NULS has a new listing on IDAX with a USDT/ETH/BTC pairing.

Technology News

What has been going on ….

  • The new NULS web wallet was launched.
    More details > HERE.
  • Product planning for next version of web wallet.
  • Smart contract functional testing, contract development plug-in (IntelliJ IDEA) testing.
  • Preparation for public beta of NULS test-net v1.1.0-beta: adding contents of smart contract.
  • Began product design of Chain Factory.
  • Preparation and discussion of detailed cross-chain solution, finalizing the development plan.
  • Product planning for next version of Blockchain Explorer.
  • Functional addition and performance optimization of api-server.
  • Organizing developer documentation.

Speaking Events

World Blockchain Marvels Conference

Jason Zhang talking about Chain Factory at Marvels

On August 23rd-24th, NULS participated in the 2018 World Blockchain Marvels conference in Hong Kong. Attended by over 1,500 senior executives, CEOs and investors from South Korea, Japan, China, United States and Europe, NULS took high-profile speaking positions, spreading the brand message far and wide. Read more > HERE.

CEO Liesa Huang: Keynote speech at Marvels

Smart China Expo

NULS took part in a high-level signing ceremony at Chongqing’s Smart China Expo on August 22nd. This agreement, signifies a commitment between designated technology companies in China and Singapore to work together on future large-scale joint projects.

NULS signed an agreement with Veritag, SAKAE Fintech, Y3 Technologies Pte Ltd, Reefic Protocol and Morpheus Lab to establish a food chain alliance and a global food ecosystem based on blockchain. Read more > HERE.

Join Us In Seoul! NULS Korea Conference Announced

NULS Korea conference announced for September 11th, at the Conrad Hotel, Seoul. The conference is open invite, although dinner is RSVP. It promises to be an exciting event and deliver lots of news! 
Read more > HERE
Booking details > HERE

In The News

As part of our PR strategy to reach beyond the immediate community and extend our story to a wider investor audience, we have been building communication channels to engage blockchain media and international journalists in our vision. As the momentum builds, we are positioning NULS, not only as blockchain experts, but as thought leaders in the blockchain field.

Leading with our vision, expertise, talented staff, engaged community and industry connections, NULS is sending the message that we are ready to claim the top 10 spot! #ready

NULS Press …

Bitcoin News
Simplifying Blockchain For Enterprise
Read > HERE

Irish Tech News
How Blockchain Start Ups Can Access Funds 
Read > HERE

Blockchain Magazine
What Is Blockchain And Does It Suit Your Company?
Read > HERE

Coinspeaker Media
Why NULS Blockchain is the one to watch!
Read > HERE

Coinidol Media
NULS Blockchain & Gaming. A Match Made In Heaven
Read > HERE

Coinspeaker Media
Who Will Win The Blockchain Race?

CoinDiary Interview
With Head of Community Essam Elmir

NULS On YouTube ….

Crypto Coins
Nuls the Adaptable Blockchain for Enterprise Solutions. Should You Invest? 

Thomas Rhys
NULS in 2018: Partnerships

Mainnet Conference Highlights

Community Recruitment

The NULS Ambassador Recruitment Program launched successfully. After a month of discussions and campaigns we are delighted to announce the first official round of ambassadors.

  1. Russian ambassador @nataligonina
    Read the community development plan
  2. Australian Ambassador @ZaneNodeAmazing
    Read the community development plan
  3. USA ambassador @Jgatto
    Read the community development plan
  4. Singapore ambassador @juggernot
    Read the community development plan
  5. Ambassador @johan
    Read the community development plan

Community Developers

Welcome also to our newly recruited community developers!

  1. Moshe Malawach: An amazing developer who has contributed a HUGE amount to the NULS growth, including the creation of Moshe is currently working on his own light wallet and python support for the NULS project.
  2. Josh Welham: Josh has contributed immensely in both education and development work for the community — including our official website. Josh has been around since the beginning and has always supported the core development and community team.
  3. Berzeck: Mensa member. Creator of Nulstar, which is a protocol port to C++/Qt using microservices architecture. This is an amazing project which will simplify much for end users.
  4. Claudio Pascariello: Claudio has over 10 years experience as a UX/UI designer with a specialty in design systems and end-to-end atomic workflows. He is one of the founders of of, a small creative agency for clients who need a customer-centric design approach.

13 New Central Team Recruits

As we continue to invest in our future, we are delighted to announce several key new staff recruits who have joined our team in China recently.

  • James(Linzhi) Xie, Coordinator, Global Talents Collaboration Mgmt Dept
  • Xia Zhao, Admin & HR Specialist, Global Talents Collaboration Mgmt Dept
  • Jimmy(Shangzhi) Sun, Copywriter, Marketing Dept
  • Lindong He, Software Architect, Technical Product Dept
  • Angang Tang, Advanced Java Developer, Technical Product Dept
  • Yi Tang, Advanced Java Developer, Technical Product Dept
  • Kun Wang, Advanced Java Developer, Technical Product Dept
  • Song Yang, Intermediate Java Developer, Technical Product Dept
  • Yifeng Qin, Intermediate Java Developer, Technical Product Dept
  • Yuanchen Jiang, Intermediate Java Developer, Technical Product Dept
  • Emerson(Sheng) Hu, Product Manager, Technical Product Dept
  • Jinsheng Lan, Technical Director of Shanghai Liaison Office
  • Alicia Huang, Head of Beijing Liaison Office.

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