How to Mine Ycash with Gminer

2 min readFeb 14, 2021

Update: You need a GPU with more than 3 gigs of RAM to mine Ycash. This was tested on a GTX 1060 3GB by a user in the Ycash Foundation Telegram, and the card was not able to handle it.

Gminer has discontinued support for equihash 192 7 in newer releases. I use Gminer 2.64 without any issues.

Here’s the original article:

First, you need to download a wallet. I strongly recommend either yeclite or the full node yecwallet.

Once you have your wallet, run on over to GitHub and download the latest release of Gminer . If you used the .zip , extract the the program.

After extracting, open your new Gminer folder and you should see a list of files, one of them will be called “mine_ycash”, open this file with your preferred Text Editor. The file should look like this.

Next we will configure the file.

Replace the highlighted text with that of whichever pool you choose. This information will be available on the pool’s website. A list of currently active pools can be found here

Now replace the highlighted address with your own wallet address. Save your new “mine_ycash” file and then run it to begin mining.

Tips (Ycash only please): ys12chq8jz4gy22vflf22vzfje7d520nz9gydp0rv0zluprwf7ak09dsukj5nza68ua6k9vzcjzccc