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Who would guess that years after letting someone go, you would together build a startup to exit to Amazon?

Today Datarow announced they are acquired by Amazon.

Congratulations to Can, Eren and the rest of the Datarow team!

Amazon previously tested the Turkish market with several investments and later launched operations in Turkey. Datarow is its first technology acquisition, a significant step for the ecosystem.

As a friend and an investor, we supported Can’s journey during his two startups and two exits. Wishing him the best of luck at Amazon.

Numan & Ali


Amazon’s investment in Ciceksepeti

Clicktale acquires FlightRecorder

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As we kick off 2020, we ’re excited to announce our investment in Chooch, Visual Artificial Intelligence firm founded by two brothers, Emrah and Hakan.

AI is one of the most exciting and era-defining technologies of our time. Consequently, all kinds of news are flooding about AI, from technological breakthroughs to notable exits like Google’s acquisition of DeepMind or Apple’s acquisition of RealFace, with AI market size expected to exceed $190 billion by 2025.

Chooch is a complete visual AI Platform, with an API, a dashboard, and a mobile SDK. By combining computer vision training with machine learning, Chooch offers object recognition and facial authentication, with autonomous labeling, data collection, neural network selection, and more. …

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iyzico management team (left to right), Barbaros Ozbugutu, Ilkay Duzgun, Tahsin Isin, Orkun Saitoglu

Yesterday we signed the final closing documents and transferred our shares in iyzico to PayU. It’s closing one chapter in our friendship and journey that started in 2013.

iyzico and its founders’ story has been widely shared. For those who have not had the chance, I suggest you read a post by Barbaros, where he explained the meaning of success.

It all started with two founders and their vision: Democratize payment services in the region. …


Numan Numan

Partner 212.vc, investor and tech evangelist

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