I was honoured by the invitation of the European Commission, its Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, to contribute, as a speaker, to the Stakeholder Conference held in Luxembourg yesterday. The conference was in connection with the EU-Western Balkans Ministerial meeting on employment and social affairs, which was organized for the first time ever.

I contributed to the discussion from the perspective of my cooperation with the European Centre of Expertise in recent years and my overall research experience in this domain.

During my speech, I put a focus on the main labour market challenges that Bosnia and Herzegovina…

I read this morning the IT Manifesto published by Bit Alliance yesterday. I am incredibly happy to see how the software industry is progressing in organizing itself and articulating its interests and needs in a structured and policy-relevant manner.

A number of set strategic goals is related to human capital development (education and skills development), what is expected having in mind that lack of talent (i.e. skilled workforce supply) and poor education outcomes are main obstacles and concerns that the industry is facing. It is a stumbling stone for the industry and immediate and extensive policy reaction is necessary for…

This article was originally published on PolicyHub (September 12, 2017).

Digital age is characterized by growing challenge: how to ensure that the produced information reach intended audience, considering immense amount of information that are daily disseminated and circulating on the web? How to ensure that the information is properly decoded having in mind that information overload is narrowing our time for information processing and reducing our commitment to particular content? Decentralization (and democratization) of information and knowledge production, due to emergence of contemporary information and communication technologies (ICT), especially of the so-called new media — i.e. media that supports interactive…

This article was originally published on PolicyHub (July 3, 2017).

The rapid development of information and communication technologies (ICT) is significantly changing our data landscape, and influences everything — from our daily lives, to business, science and public governance.

Data explosion is the term that describes the contemporary state of data production. New (and usually networked) ICT devices (so-called new media, internet of things) are just some of the factors that have contributed to the growing volume and variety of available data. Almost every person, company, organization or institution produces data on a daily basis, using computers, smart phones, smart…

Amar Numanović

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