Lessons from outdoor session with Amal family

Our lives are before us, our past our behind us, but our memories are always with us.

Last Saturday (20–5–17) when I remember that day smile comes in to my face. All the moments of that day come in front of me. I can’t forget these moments. This was the day that I want that never end but unfortunately it was ended. We all have fun on that day. It was a great day and I enjoyed it a lot. In this session everyone feeling relaxed because it was different from other sessions. On that day all fellows have a more interaction with each other.

In the last three months I learnt many things at Amal like communication, positive thinking, productivity, connecting with the past and future dots, know about my strengths from friends and fellows etc. In the outdoor session I have learnt networking, teamwork and also a showing gratitude. These skills will help us in our professional life too.

It was one of the best sessions that have been during the fellowship. The most enjoyable moments were after the lunch. The discussion, chatting and activities after the lunch were so much enjoyable that it was like this time would never end but we were on a short schedule but I enjoyed a lot.

First we decided to go out for lunch and games at Uptown LA at Defence but when we disclose this plan to our fellows and respected PM and PA, they were not agree due to some issues. Then our PM Anisa suggest us a plan to go out and watch a new movie “Hindi Medium”. To be honest I didn't like this plan at first as my perception its a bore movie and waste of time but all fellows were agree on this.

I thought everyone is going, it would be a fun and get a chance to know every fellow more better and also Its a ending time of our fellowship so make it memorable. luckily it was a great experience of movie as we enjoyed a lot.The most funny part of movie “ paiesaaa kat gya” haha and lollipop moment. This movie based on a very important and realistic vision that prevails in our society. People are now a days became status conscious. In every aspect of life they want to be over above of the people. Like in this movie a woman wants to get his child to be enrolled in High Elite School. For this purpose they did all that stuff what they can do and faced a lot of hardship. And they got the admission for their child by manipulating the facts and mis-representation.

This movie helps me to understand many things about the society behavior. How they will react when your child is getting education from low level school. How can they inspire from your status?. Are they wiling to build a relationship with you or not?. What did they do for maintaining their status? Also showing a culture in which a human is not important. The only thing which is important is just your status.

Well overall its a good experience for me and got many memorable moments with my amal family. It is also the best part of learning in my life. It is the time when our all fellows were together and shares many cherish moments. Pics and videos capture the memorable moments and whenever I see these things, a smile comes on my face and got lost in memories haha.