Sharing A Story Of My Mentor

Mentor is someone who polishes you, guides you, and builds confidence in you. A right mentor is a biggest motivation and support.

I think someone who had, has or will have a mentor is a lucky person indeed because it makes someone easy, comfortable and encouraged to achieve his goal in a short time. Similar story is mine also.

Once upon a time when I was in class 9th and one of our teachers whose name is Ahmad Ali and he was teaching us Physics. Although, he was almost good in teaching but one thing that I liked him very most is that he always motivated us in each and every class and was saying that “I see in your eyes that someone of you are the Future Leaders and can overcome all the hurdles in their way to success.” In this way, he used to point out my name among the others and due to which I was so much motivated and I started struggles for it to be a better person. He was always there for me to encourage me personally and always says to me that

“Dear just believe in yourself and continue working hard I know you can do anything and everything you want to do.”

Similarly, There are other mentors too who helped me and motivated me for a good reason and one of them is my ever green mentor i.e. My Father and the other mentors are my Prof. Fida Husaain and my best friends as well who are always there for me to give me a precious advices and encouraged me in different situations. When I see myself in the position today that all I realize is that all these happened only due to my mentors and there piece of advices and help.

I always showed respect to my Teacher Ahmad and asked for help if I was in any trouble in the school days and in the same way he was also so humble and was always present for my support. So in short, it was due to humility that I asked him for help or any advice and as a result I moved forward and got success at a very little stage and due to which I always remember him as one of the great teacher that I had.

At last, I would not have been able to learn from all of my mentors if I did not have humility.