What Type Of Pain And costs Are You Willing To embrace?

There is a great deal of pain in life and perhaps the only pain that can be avoided is the pain that comes from trying to avoid pain. ~ R. D. Laing

“If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want will be the sacrifice” Success is not easy to achieve, we have to do some efforts and hard work to achieve something. I think in life almost everyone sacrifices in their life by giving their important things or devoting special time for others.

In my life there are a lot of sacrifices. In 2011, there is a horrible incident happens with me as I coming back with my father from Gujrat, we faced a road side robbery. The robbers opens the fire in order to stop us. We also open fire in self defense. In cross firing I seriously injured as two bullets hits in my leg. By the grace of Allah almighty, my life saved by the good medical treatment. In that time I was not allowed to meet anyone as there are a lot of security threats for me. My friends, my teachers and my college life was fully disturbed. As it is very difficult for me to back in my normal life routine. For a period of 6 months, I have no contact with outside world. Soon the main criminals were arrested who did this all to me. But these 6 months are like hell for me.

After this I started my normal life routine. And in that year I scored 89% in my exams. And this is the most learning experience of my life that life is uncertain. Nobody knows what happens next. So, always ready for tough time and never give up. If you successfully go through this time, you come up a stronger person than ever before.