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VERB (因种族、信仰)迫害,残害,压迫If someone is persecuted, they are treated cruelly and unfairly, often because of their race or beliefs.

VERB 找…的麻烦;骚扰;纠缠If you say that someone is persecuting you, you mean that they are deliberately making your life difficult.

Persecution Complex

I had a persecution complex and thought people were conspiring against me.



VERB 装作;假装;冒充If someone feigns a particular feeling, attitude, or physical condition, they try to make other people think that they have it or are experiencing it, although this is not true.

He feigned indifference to criticism of his work.他假装毫不在意别人批评他的作品.

‘I am smart’ or how I feigned stupidity in order to read books all day

The revolution will be trending.

I like this signature “launching Tiny Moguls in 2017”


adj. 突出的,隆起的

Rose on the face, little red place, not protuberant, not urticant, what reason be?脸上起了,小红点点,没有突起,不痒,是什么原因?


N-UNCOUNT 天文学Astronomy is the scientific study of the stars, planets, and other natural objects in space.

Astronomy | TED.com


N-COUNT 愚蠢的错误;疏忽;失误A blunder is a stupid or careless mistake.

I think he made a tactical blunder by announcing it so far ahead of time.我认为他在时机远未成熟时就把这事说了出去是一种失策。

VERB 不慎陷入,误打误撞地进入(危险或困难的境地)If you blunder into a dangerous or difficult situation, you get involved in it by mistake.

People wanted to know how they had blundered into war, and how to avoid it in future.人们想知道他们是怎样稀里糊涂地陷入战争的,以及日后该如何避免重蹈覆辙。

Memories of ’26: Babe Ruth’s Biggest Blunder — 1927: The Diary of Myles Thomas


VERB 容忍,纵容(不道德行为)If someone condones behaviour that is morally wrong, they accept it and allow it to happen.

I have never encouraged nor condoned violence…我从不煽动也不纵容暴力行为。

I couldn’t condone what she was doing.我无法容忍她在做的事。

If the government condones the violent conflict between the two parties, the bloodshed well never stop.如果政府纵容两党之间的暴力冲突,流血事件将永远不会停止。


ADJ-GRADED 脏的;不健康的Something that is unsanitary is dirty and unhealthy, so that you may catch a disease from it.

…diseases caused by unsanitary conditions…由不卫生的环境引起的疾病

Discharge of raw sewage into the sea is unsanitary and unsafe.把未经处理的污水排放到海里既不卫生也不安全。

Skyscrapers — but no sewage system. Meet a city run by private industry |


V-ERG (使)放慢;(使)减弱;(使)变缓和If something slackens or if you slacken it, it becomes slower, less active, or less intense.

Inflationary pressures continued to slacken last month…上个月,通货膨胀的压力继续减小。

The Conservative government will not slacken the pace of radical reform.保守党政府不会放慢激进改革的步伐。

Slackening Constraints to Increase Serendipity — Michelle Lu — Medium


VERB 贬低;轻视If you disparage someone or something, you speak about them in a way which shows that you do not have a good opinion of them.

…Larkin’s tendency to disparage literature.拉金贬低文学的倾向

I don’t mean to disparage your achievements.我并不想贬低你的成就。

Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado: To solve old problems, study new species | TED Talk | TED.com

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