Blue Dart Courier Tracking Customer Care

Couriers are a way of transferring goods and materials from one place to another distant place. Blue dart courier service not only allows you to do this safely and securely but also provides you with the brand-new Blue Dart courier tracking customer care to enhance your courier-dealing experience.

What is the Blue Dart Courier Tracking Customer Care?

The Blue Dart Courier Tracking Customer Care provides a portal to all customers to be able to check the status of the goods that have been dispatched from the warehouse at Blue Dart. It allows customers to check such a status for forty five days from the date the goods in question were dispatched.

Why use Blue Dart Courier Tracking Customer Care service?

The Blue Dart Courier Tracking Customer Care allows you to track the present status of the concerned consignment without having to actually, physically visit the courier location or taking the trouble of contacting the customer service center.

How can you track your courier using Blue Dart Courier Tracking Customer Care?

In order to track your courier using BlueDart Tracking Customer Care, customers can simply enter the tracking code received from Blue Dart. After you press submit, the page leads you to the tracking status page in Blue Dart. It may take about twenty four hours for a customer’s tracking status to become operative.

Steps in detail:

· All Blue Dart shipments receive a copy of the Waybill, which has a distinct eight to eleven digit number.

· This number has to be entered on the designated box on the appropriate website.

· In case of multiple shipments, each Waybill number must be separated by a comma.

· Alternatively, if you are a regular Blue Dart customer, it is likely that you may have sent the courier using an Order number or a Reference Number.

· Just as in the case of the Waybill number, even multiple Reference or Order Numbers must be separated by a comma each.

· In either case, submit such details as required and you will be redirected to another page.

· Status of the feedback is expected to be received almost immediately.

· However, it may take a while depending on the complexity of the situation.

Which shipments can you track?

Customers can easily access and track the shipments in domestic areas such as India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan as well as their international shipments based on their Waybill or Reference number. International shipments that are meant to be brought to the Indian sub-continent through Blue Dart can be tracked from the date when they formally enter India. Single or multiply orders, domestic and international, can be tracked at the same time.

You should fret no longer about the delivery or status of your courier and shipments. So bid adieu to your courier tracking woes! Blue Dart Courier Tracking Customer Care is here to save the day and say goodbye to your various courier and tracking related problems.

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