Context-aware SDK for iOS — the 3rd beta release notes

Here you can find the release notes for the third private beta release of NE SDK. It’s not production ready yet, but we are working hard in order to improve its stability and functionality. We’re keen to get your opinion on our approach and include you, the developers, in the development loop as much as possible.

Also, we invite more developers to join out beta-testers club. We promise to share each new beta release with you. Please go to to sign up for our iOS beta.

What has been done since the last release:

  • Improved the accuracy of context detection engine.
  • Added public contexts array for each NE* so that we can access them easily from a 3rd party application.
  • Removing Pod dependencies for RxBlocking, Reachability, DeviceGuru.
  • Introduce appropriate formatting for logs, so now they are easy to parse.
  • Moved Places lookup to the backend. Removing QuadratTouch dependency from Podfile.
  • Renamed contexts: ShopsAndServices -> Shop, FoodRelated -> Restaurant.
  • Place detection can self-improve based user feedback.
  • Model parameters are updatable in run-time, it allows to perform adaptive learning and introduced user-feedback loop.

Known issues:

  • Indoor/Outdoor detection is not perfect yet, but we are implementing several papers in order to improve it.
  • Weather detection sometomes shows incorrect data. We know that and plan to move to another weather data providers.

We’re happy to help

It’s a pleasure to to hear about what you’re building using the SDK. Please, share your projects on our public Slack channel or drop us a line or just tweet about it using #NEMake hashtag. If you have any issue we’ll do our best to help.