A random sentence generator that tells you what not to be and how to fix it.

Some results so far:

Don’t be a banjo make a centimeter with a yard in it and leave a fifth up its apparatus.

Don’t be a punch put a sailor and balance a soap on its bumper.

Don’t be a belt become a home and do a chive down its computer.

Don’t be a tuna take away the treatment on it and balance a parrot in its barometer.

Choose your interface with the project — we have either:

And it’s all hosted with Now which meant all these things were built and deployed to production in one evening 👌

Razzle, Now, React, sentencer, random-fullName are awesome.

Explore the world of charts & graphs. Build your own. http://numberpicture.com — thoughts by Finn Fitzsimons — https://potion.js.org/

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