How to Make Stickers on Numbertank for WhatsApp

Finding stickers packs for WhatsApp is not easy on iOS devices and the same goes for android too. Because WhatsApp relies on external applications as a sticker supplier. This Exactly throws many users into a dilemma when they want to exclusively make their own custom stickers. To overcome these exact reasons we at Numbertank came up with a solution to help users create their own WhatsApp stickers.

If you want to use the sticker function in WhatsApp and even want to create your own stickers, you can do so by using the following apps. These apps were published independently by two different developers. They go by the name Background Eraser and Remover this app we recommend for Android users and the other is Background Eraser: Superimpose for iOS device users.

However, the above two applications are made by different developers. Their functionality is similar and enough to get us the desired results. You can use these apps to create your own images into png format from existing or newly added photos.

All you have to do is select the desired portion of the image that needs to be removed using your finger. That way, you’ll create whole-sticker packs images as desired.

Once done.

Next step is to get those newly created images in png format into a sticker pack. For that to happen open our app Numbertank. Go in Talk section hit the tab “Stickers”. And hit on the plus sign button, select all the png images you created. Name your pack and add it to WhatsApp as shown below.

1) Click on the “Sticker tab“. 2) Click on the “Plus Sign”. 3) Select your desired images and hit “Add
4) Name your Pack and publish it. 5) For WhatsApp click on the “Add To WhatsApp Stickers” Tab

Once done go ahead and make your conversations fun and interactive. Download our app today! We are available on iOS and Android app store.