Numbertank: Exploring Notification Customization!

“Come on, I have a Notification, I’m going to read it.” This is how 99% of impulsive brains think when they have a smartphone nearby. You and your reason, meanwhile, fight for not distracting and continue working, but you know that you will end up being defeated by the power of notification. Like a constant whisper, a wake-up call per second, a background noise (or scream) that bends us. So you can learn to manage your mobile alerts so they stop ruining your workflow and digital life.

Numbertank: Settings Interface

Let’s explore Numbertank’s features to customize your notifications based on your preferences.


Legend has it that if you do not look at your smartphone all morning, the mobile itself will collapse under millions of notifications. “Over the past few years, the debate around the relationship between humans and smartphones has grown.”

Push alerts are useful in principle. You can even customize them with sounds and different notification sounds for a specific user, channels or Talk post.

If you let the apps take control, like for example some Social Media apps will literally notify you of any publication in any group or page; Some food apps will send you restaurant offers without control. Well while using Numbertank we allow users to take charge of their lives and help them learn, how to manage the alerts on their mobile without any problem. Numbertank has been designed keeping user experience in mind hence to add value through notifications we have given users plenty of notification customization option.

For notification customization you can observe below :

Numbertank Notifications
Numbertank Talk notification customization

For example to modify notification settings in the Talk section:

Settings>Notification & Sound>Talk 
We have given the following options:

New Talk post, Comment and Like Alert 
basically acts like notification for each Talk post that would happen within your Numbertank Social Sphere.

  • Alert + Sound, Notifications with sounds.
  • Only Alert only notifies messages from Talk without sound.
  • No Alert, the name says it all.

Preview options allow preview of messages inside notifications.

Same customizations options are given for chat, channel and group chat for the user to customize notifications.

In Chat notification, one can even modify notifications from anonymous people who would try to get in touch with you. Hence you can prioritize your notifications based on your liking.

For instance in Numbertank to read all its notifications can take you to cut for the sake of being spammed by multiple sources of information like group chat, Talk post or channel. However, you may want to keep some type of notification, such as those related to events, friends messages or maybe notifications from some of your favorite channels or Talk post. For that reason, a good part of the app we have given several customization options for alerts, which are found within each section whether it be group chat, channel or Talk post.


There is a way to disconnect from the world without throwing the smartphone out the window. Although it is well known, both Android and iOS incorporate a do not disturb mode with several levels of customization. Thus, the devices can be configured so that notifications can be silent. However, some notifications are really important and you would not want them to arrive silently hence in Numbertank we have given the options to customize notifications so that when they arrive Numbertank would only let you know what is really important based on your preferences.

Receiving Notification.

Each step we plan we make sure to make that our users Enjoy a seamless and amazing social media experience in our app. Numbertank An Advance Social Messenger Designed to connect you with your peers! We are available on both iOS and Android Play Store.