obama did the best he could but he was sabotaged by the republicans.
grendel chagrin

Additionally, I just want to point out to you how ridiculous “the treasonous act” you mention is:

What you are saying is that Trump colluded with the Russians to expose how corrupt the DNC was, to expose HRC’s own words in the Podesta emails (which you didn’t read, let’s be honest) and as a result of people discovering that the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders (because that is what that trove of emails confirmed) and that HRC knew about Saudi Arabia’s role in funding terrorism, but accepted money from them anyway, had “a public and private face on everything,” etc. (AND SO MUCH MORE). That as a result of being armed with this information, this is why people didn’t vote for her, and that is why she lost…

Okay — you’re probably right. Evil Russians, bomb them! She wanted to. We always need enemy, why not the dangerous Russians?

Do you realize that they have an economy the size of South Korea and total military spending the size of a single order of armaments our country just bought? Scary RUSSIANS!!! Yeah…

One day, read Shattered. You will learn where the Russian narrative came from, which you’ve been indoctrinated with. The book was written by Democratic campaign insiders, so it fits criteria of acceptable information for you to read.

Man, the world is fucked…

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