A story about a missing adblock

It’s funny. Noone gets particularly elated about seeing a factory chimney spew out dark smoke. Not unless you own the factory. We call it pollution, and we acknowledge that it contributes to global warming. 

But when you take the same kind of industrial waste, repackage it in small cylindrical containers, and sell it as a consumer product, people are willing to buy it, set it on fire to initiate the emission of toxic gas, and inhale it.

“They couldn’t make it up”, some say. But they did! They did make it up, they started selling it, and people started buying it. Not only that, quite a few people are convinced that they need this, and that it makes them cool! If you ever wondered if advertising really works you can stop now. 
This is a story about a missing adblock. Imagine if we had adblocked that fucker when it first came out. How much better off we would be today.

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