I Missed My High School Graduation: TheOdysseyOnline.com

Graduation Speech

Let’s be honest. This is the last time I’ll ever see most of you. Am I sad about that? No. I’m happy. Because it means that we are all going to venture out into the world and do our own thing. Whether that thing is becoming a photographer, a doctor, or a mail carrier. I’m actually excited to never see your faces again, not because it’s a bad thing to look at, but because this world is such a big place. I encourage you to spread out and start your own life, no matter how insanely scared you are. Maybe, that’s just me. But, step out of your comfort zone and be prepared to be scared and confused. The world is an unfair place, but it’s unfair to everyone which technically makes it fair, if I did understood that correctly myself. But, the point was, to challenge yourself. We’re all legal adults here, well maybe not all of us, *stare at a youngster* and we thought this day would never come. We were all so hyped for it since freshman year, walking around the what used to be carpeted rugs and blue walls scared but excited for the rollercoaster ride I call high school. It seemed like such a long distance away, clases dragged, what seemed like months of school was only a week, and the load of homework that we got every night, which in all honesty, I avoided till the last minute or just didn’t do whatsoever so I apologize to my math teachers especially: Mr. Riedy, Ms. Davis, Mr. Briody, and Mr. Grasse. All this work had to balance out with the play of friday night football games, The U events, and school dances. We had it pretty good, no matter how much we stressed there were always teacher and other adults that understood you and treated you like an adult. There was never a moment that I felt uncomfortable at this school, well maybe except the time Schaff made us present for a whole period on a topic that I only learned the night before. But in all fairness, I was never nervous for another presentation after that. Standing in front of seniors as a junior giving a 50 minute presentation will give you some nightmares but it helped me conquer my fear of public speaking. So, thanks to Schaff, that is why I am here today. Lastly, I would like to thank the people here in this crowd sitting before me. The families, teachers, administrative staff, and even pets, are the reason that we made it through these fours years. You guys were there for us since the beginning and now here until the end. You guys gave us motivation to be better, to do better, and because of that motivation, here we sit, or stand in this case, ready to face the world and become our own person. We all will remember the time and effort you put into us and make sure that all the hard work you gave, shaping us into our own each individuals will not go wasted. So, from the graduating class of 2017, we all owe each and every one of you in here a big thank you. As for my peers, I hope that we all prosper from this moment on. Each moment gives us opportunities that we should be thankful for, the chance to go to college, for some of us that have already graduated and are stationed in boot camp the chance to serve and protect, the chance to travel, the chance to do whatever we chose for us because we have the freedom. Come hell or high water, we will prosper. Congratulations Class of 2017, WE FINALLY MADE IT!