Numio and UTU: Increasing Trust Verification

We are pleased to announce a partnership with UTU, a decentralized trust infrastructure provider, who are building new models of digital trust via artificial intelligence and blockchain.

The UTU Protocol has been developed to bring accurate and verifiable reviews to the internet, and other web based services. Creating a network of trust amongst its users and the services they use, UTU allows anyone who signs up to award ratings, reviews, and endorsements to the service they have been provided. It could be as simple as logging into a website, to something that requires more trust, such as employing a childminder service.

Scoring is measured by rewarding a service with UTU trust tokens. The more interactions that take place, the more precise the trust score. You can think of it as a more accurate, verifiable, and ungameable Yelp or Google review.

The Partnership

The partnership will see the UTU token being listed on the Numio mobile app — including our Ethereum Layer 2 (zkRollups) wallet. The zkRollup UTU listing offers significant savings on fees, in comparison to traditional mobile Ethereum wallets, a great positive for the mobile-centric UTU user base.

It doesn’t end there. Like Numio, UTU is conscious of user privacy, and that is why personal data is accessed and shared, only if consent is given. If you grant consent, you can build a personal network and see if your friends and family recommend a particular service. If you don’t want to give consent, then you will make and see anonymized recommendations.

That’s where the second part of the partnership comes in, with UTU and Numio investigating how Numio Identity and UTU’s trust infrastructure can be integrated to increase the level of trust in apps where these products are deployed.

The teams will explore the integration of UTU’s AI-powered Trust API into Numio Identity and how to develop and display trust signals for Numio Identity users. The goal of the integration being that when Numio Identity users perform trustworthy actions, such as logging into apps, making payments and transfers, or other verified tasks, the Trust API will analyze these interactions, and user-permissioned data, to generate trust signals for each user. This will enable other users to make better decisions on whether to verify and engage with them.

In addition, Numio Identity can be integrated into UTU’s trust infrastructure and protocol to ensure, in a pseudonymous manner, that entities who leave a rating and review are legitimate people, and not bots.

“Numio is simplifying blockchain with user-friendly products, and we are excited to get UTU Coin listed on their mobile app to take advantage of zkRollups for instant and low fee transfers on Ethereum. We can’t wait to launch the UTU Trust API on Numio to help users trade in a more trustworthy environment. Happy to support the mission to give people the power to have more control over their money and digital identity.”

Jason Eisen, Co-Founder and CEO of UTU

“The team at Numio has been impressed with what UTU is looking to accomplish around trustlessness with actions and how you can earn money by doing the things you already do on a daily basis. We look forward to working together, and I am excited to see what we are able to accomplish!”

Mark Anstead, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development of Numio

About UTU

UTU is building the trust infrastructure of the internet to help businesses and consumers engage and transact in an easier, safer, and more trustworthy way.

Our AI-based API products collect and analyze data to create trust signals and personalized recommendations that help consumers and businesses make the best decisions for their situation. And the UTU blockchain protocol rewards users for trustworthy actions and compensates them for sharing their data while protecting their privacy.

UTU changes the economics of trust, ensures trust can’t be bought or manipulated, and leverages data to help people make better decisions.

We are proudly based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Learn more about us on our website, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube and Facebook.

About Numio

Numio gives you more control over your digital assets and your identity. Founded in 2020 with a vision to make crypto simple, Numio allows you to send crypto instantly, save up to 100x on Ethereum fees and verify your digital identity in a safe and secure way. Available on Android and iOS, Numio was the first zkRollup powered mobile payments app to be released on Google Play.

All Numio products are non-custodial, so only the account holder has access to their money.



We are a global team of blockchain and product development specialists, who came together to simplify and fast-track mainstream blockchain adoption.

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We are a global team of blockchain and product development specialists, who came together to simplify and fast-track mainstream blockchain adoption.