NuMundo & Innovasis Hotels: A Regenerative Collaboration

We’re teaming up to change the status quo of travel.

NuMundo and Innovasis Hotels recently announced our developing collaboration, so we thought it was time to share more about why these two projects are such a perfect fit.

The potential of this collaboration is uniquely inspiring. Both projects appeal to eco-conscious travelers and digital nomads, generating a strong synergy between those communities.

NuMundo will begin by accepting Hotel Coins (HCI) as payment at their 750+ impact centers and transformational experiences. This is only the first step in our partnership. We envision many forms of collaboration in the future, which will further facilitate the growth of both our communities.

“Fifth Sacred Thing” by Jessica Perlstein

For those who don’t know us, NuMundo is a portal of entry into regenerative ways of living and being. On the NuMundo platform, you can browse opportunities for transformational travel experiences at “impact centers” around the world. These centers are locations for learning regenerative skills like permaculture and natural building (and so much more) to nurture the planet for future generations.

NuMundo’s mission, with its focus on regenerative lifestyles and positive global impact, fits hand in hand with Innovasis Hotels’ plans to be a force for good.

While a partnership with a traditional hotel perhaps seems unlikely to the NuMundo community, Innovasis is different. As a zero-waste hotel with a strong focus on sustainability, Innovasis is an ideal partner in our ongoing work to change the face of tourism around the world.

Through this collaboration, we have a chance to offer a taste of the NuMundo lifestyle to Innovasis Hotels’ guests so that they, too, can learn valuable new skills and engage in transformational experiences.

By connecting our respective communities via this partnership, we provide another layer of goodness to our guests and to our local communities. A hotel can be much more than a fun, beautiful place to stay; it can be a meeting point that facilitates connection and empowerment—and protects our environment.

Both NuMundo and Innovasis Hotels understand that millennials crave experiences and are interested in regenerating our earth. Innovasis Hotels aims to make these kinds of amazing experiences a standard. Together with NuMundo, they are confident in offering some of the most transformational experiences in the world.

In addition, Innovasis Hotels plan to be packed with interns and volunteers who will offer expertise and insight into the theme of sustainability. Guests and locals alike will be able to learn about regenerative agriculture, modular farming hydroponics, solar power, or cooking with local ingredients. The hotels will host regular farmers markets, where locals can bring their produce and other products to sell; furthermore, they plan to develop a medical center on site to treat the local community. These are just a few of Innovasis Hotels’ plans to truly be a force for good.

We are honored to announce this partnership. and we can’t wait to develop our collaboration further by introducing new experiences to guests and locals alike.

Learn more about this vision for the regenerative future of travel. Innovasis Hotels founder Pawel Alva Nazaruk talks with NuMundo about his journey as an entrepreneur and innovator:

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