Family-School Connection
Gabriela Cariño Ramsay

Really enjoyed your perspective on this topic. The part that really stuck with me was when you mentioned that schools assume that students live with parents and how you never bring mom or dad into the classroom. I personally related with because starting as a substitute teacher two and a half years ago, I made this mistake plenty of times. There were times early on where I would bring in a parent into the classroom and made it worse. I have gotten responses from “my dad/mom doesn’t live with me” to “my dad/mom got deported.” This definitely created an awkward environment and opened wounds that I was not ready to treat. So my point with all this is that, like you said, a teacher needs to get to know the students. Maybe it is OK with the student to bring the parents up, or maybe it’s not. Without knowing this, it is inappropriate to make these assumptions.

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