And how it can help us lead with supporting multiple languages.

From MDN web docs:

CSS Logical Properties and Values is a module of CSS introducing logical properties and values that provide the ability to control layout through logical, rather than physical, direction and dimension mappings.

So let’s start to discover it.

Imagine you have to code this design:

Image for post
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Today if we want to do it probably we will add a section containing the image and the text with a margin applied to it to create that white space between them, like that:

Easy and fast, right? The problem is that if you support multiple languages on ‘right-to-left’ you will end up seeing your layout like…

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Web performance is a topic that always needs the attention from web developers, there are a lot of techniques to improve website performance, but today I’ll discuss further how we could improve a web page performance using requestIdleCallback to prefetch assets and why this is a good technique for you.

Why do you want to prefetch assets?

In all websites, we have a lot of requests to load a page, style, javascript, images among others. …

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It’s been a year since I joined a Conversion Rate Optimisation team started from scratch in fact that was one of my goals, working in problem solving, having data about that, think and discuss along with other team members and also design, UX and product teams possible solutions and new ideas.

One of the best things of working in a team like this, is having results and data about your work. How your work affect positively or negatively the business.

Let’s talk about what is a Conversion Rate Optimisation Team and it’s objectives

Identify problems — This isn’t(or at least it shouldn’t be) just a CRO team objective, but is part of our job, to gather the information we have from our users (either coming from pure BI data or UX research teams, Customer Service teams, or directly from end users .. …

First things first, I want to start saying that i am really an enthusiastic about CSS, I really enjoy to push further what we can do with just a couple lines of HTML & CSS.

When I started working in web development, I remember spending some days just researching jquery plugins to help me build some components such as modals, dropdowns, tabs, accordions etc., etc … It was as easy as adding the plugins script, initialise the plugin, add the css to it and voila it was working.

And it was this way until we started caring about performance. So we started replacing those jquery plugins to native javascript. At that point I started wondering, how it would be if we could do that with just pure HTML & CSS? …


Nuno Andrade

User Interface Developer @Farfetch / passionate about playing guitar and piano

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