When building an application, developers and designers often use animations to provide the most impressive user experience. While strong animation can enhance your users’ overall experiences, a clumsy one can cause headaches and lead to abandonment. Following best practices can help you avoid some common animation pitfalls.

So how do animations work? With the introduction of new web technologies along with new design trends, animations are getting more advanced and complex. Those animations are, to some extent, done by applying complex CSS rules or using JavaScript logic such as adding or removing nodes from the DOM. However, this complexity comes…

Genome, like any other Feedzai product, is subject to an exhaustive battery of end-to-end (E2E) tests to ensure it works according to its design specifications. Since Genome is a highly visual tool, testing requires a very particular approach. We build the graph area using an HTML canvas element, which prevents us from using conventional E2E techniques.

In this blog post, we’ll explain how we approached and solved the problem of testing an application whose main interactions occur on a canvas element.

Testing a whiteboard

Testing a traditional web application (by “traditional” I mean a User Interface (UI) where each piece of information is…

If you work in the JavaScript ecosystem, you are most likely aware of how difficult it is to manage dependencies. However, justifying the importance of having enough time and resources to update your project’s outdated libraries to your manager can be even more challenging.

Of course, not all libraries require the same amount of effort in order to be updated, nor do they have the same level of importance for a project. For instance, frameworks that support your application (React, Vue.js, etc.), or tools that are the foundation of your development setup (webpack, babel, etc.) have a major impact.


Nuno Cruz

Frontend Engineer @feedzai

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