Things I learned while waiting for our first baby

Me and my wife are 35 weeks and 2 days pregnant so in about a month our lives are about to change in the biggest way yet. Is it possible to have a bigger change than this? We will welcome a baby girl which will be the best baby girl in the whole world! No matter what you say!

Here’s a few things I’ve learned, or realised these past few months. In no specific order.

  • You actually start believing that health is the best gift you can get. And you really wish it. Nothing else matters as much.
  • You stop thinking about that Mac book pro or big fat TV you’ve been wanting so much and start thinking about baby carriages, cribs and diapers.
  • Listening to the heartbeat for the first time is indescribable.
  • So is “it’s a baby girl!”
  • After that you hear a lot of “buy a shotgun”.
  • And “you’re screwed”.
  • You freak out about the smallest detail the doctor is unsure of.
  • People start asking “how’s the baby going” instead of “how are you?”.
  • You find out that labor lasts on average 12 hours. This starts when mommy has contractions every 5 minutes, lasting one minute each, for a period of an hour. Ouch…
  • Pre-birth classes are actually interesting and not only a way to spend money.
  • You learn that nowadays there are buckets in which you can bathe your baby.
  • You start valuing sleep and silence, specially at night. Or at least you enjoy it while you still have it. I think I’m really suffering by anticipation.
  • An unborn baby can have more clothes than you and your wife together.
  • When waters break, you actually have about 6 hours to head to the hospital (if you have no other signs that suggest the baby is about to be born).
  • There’s actually a baby nose vacuum cleaner, which you put in your baby’s nostrils and suck the mucus out — I’m cringing over this one…
  • Time runs much faster these 9 months — probably the next 20 or so years will ‘fly’ even faster.
  • You can tour the hospital in which your baby is going to be born at to get to know the place and make yourself more comfortable when you finally need to use it.
  • When mommy leaves the maternity after birth, she might still have a 34 week sized belly (what?).
  • You should have 3 bags ready to take to the hospital. (Daddy, mommy and baby).
  • If your wife is not toxoplasmosis imune, cats aren’t allowed and so aren’t ground vegetables (ok you can wash them really, really well, but do you really wanna risk it?).
  • You realise that if you want your baby not to become a computer/smartphone addicted you’re gonna have to stop being one yourself. Or you’ll taste your own medicine. (“I’m coming”… “In a minute”, “Let me just…”).
  • Babies are the number one topic in almost all conversations.
  • You have so many things you want her to know or do.
  • You fear that you won’t be able to teach her anything useful.
  • Doesn’t matter how many new things you learn, you still think you’re totally unprepared for her.

There’s probably a lot more worth mentioning that I’m forgetting, but these are just some ones I remembered. Maybe I can update this post when I recall others.

I think that it actually doesn’t matter how much one learns. You will always forget something, miss something, and won’t ever feel prepared for the situation. I will always be afraid of not being able to do the job right. But I think in the end I’ll just do it, my way. If everybody did it until today, why won’t I?