Laravel Zero 5.6 Is Now Available

Nuno Maduro
Feb 19, 2018 · 3 min read

I’m thrilled to announce the release of Laravel Zero 5.6. On this article, I will show you some highlights of this brand new version.

Laravel Zero is unofficial and customized version of Laravel optimized for building command-line applications. Please visit the Laravel Zero website to see all the documentation.

UI Improvements

The new “default command” of Laravel Zero

The default command of Laravel Zero got completely redesigned. The package laravel-console-summary allows Laravel Zero to provide you a beautiful entry point for your console application.

Collision v2 — Syntax Highlighting

Collision is a package designed to give you beautiful error reporting. Starting in Laravel Zero 5.6, Collision v2 will ship by default on the Laravel Zero’s core. This new release features syntax highlighting and the support of PHPUnit 7.


Laravel Zero component installer menu

Laravel Zero ships by default with the package laravel-console-menu. This package is a php-school/cli-menu wrapper that allows the creation of beautiful menus. Check out Laravel News’s article about it:

Git Version Detection

Application config “version” value

Now Laravel Zero is even smarter, it automatically detects the latest stable version of your application. With this feature you don’t have to increment this configuration value every new release.

Improvements on Components Installation

With the improvements on the installation of components, the installation of components, such us the Laravel Eloquent, works now even better. Laravel Zero 5.6 creates and modifies all the needed files to make this installation on the cleanest way as possible.

Highly Customisable Commands List

The new configuration file “config/commands.php”

The new configuration file “config/commands.php” makes your application go to the next level. You have now full control about the commands that your application should provide. You can now hide commands from your list even if you don’t own thoses commands. Everything works as expected.

Even closer to Laravel

Laravel Zero 5.6 is now even closer to the Laravel’s core. Thanks to the foundation package, most of the Laravel Features that are important to the console environment are on Laravel Zero. And of course, all the Laravel bugfixes are included in your application.

Laravel Zero 5.6 is built on top of Laravel 5.6, the latest release of the Laravel framework. And now it requires PHP 7.1.3 or higher.

Versioning Scheme

Starting Laravel Zero 5.6, the versioning scheme will follow the Laravel convention: paradigm.minor.patch. Laravel Zero’s release process will also be the same as the Laravel one. This means: Every major release of Laravel Zero comes out approximately one week after the major release of Laravel.

Get involved

This is a community project, there are many opportunities to contribute to all the Laravel Zero ecosystem.

Feel free to contact me on twitter: @enunomaduro.

Thanks, I hope you enjoy this new release! 🎉

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