Exoplanets are planets that live outside our Solar System. This post briefly introduces processing Kepler data using the lightkurve Python package, to study exoplanets.

Image credit: Gemini Observatory/NSF/AURA/Artwork by Joy Pollard.

The transit method is currently one of the most popular indirect methods used to discover exoplanets. In a nutshell, it consists in analysing the brightness variation…

This post introduces qaptnet, an instance of Google’s BERT model, fine-tuned for performing question-answering tasks in Portuguese text.

Luís de Camões, “Os Lusíadas”

The model is trained on a dataset of contexts, questions, and corresponding answers written in Portuguese. The output of the model is the span of text in the context that answers the proposed question. For example. given the following context:

Photo by Inactive. on Unsplash

The Universe is made of clusters of millions of galaxies of different shapes and sizes. The study of galaxies and their evolution plays an important role in understanding how the Universe works. The classification of galaxies it’s useful while studying how galaxies are formed, and how they evolve. Current surveys…

The goal of this analysis is to group cities from around the world, that offer similar trends of points of interest to their visitors. This kind of model can be useful for travel agencies devising targeted promotions for returning customers, or if you are planning your next vacations for example…

Neutron stars are dense and hot objects, they provide unique opportunities to study the laws of physics in extreme conditions. Pulsars are highly magnetized neutron stars that rotate very fast and yield detectable periodic strong radio emissions.

Image Credit: European Southern Observatory (ESO).

Modern pulsar surveys produce large volumes of data, the process of manually labeling…

Artist concept. Image credit: NASA

After nine years of hard work the planet hunter Kepler, a space telescope launched by NASA in 2009, is retiring. The space telescope ran out of fuel after completing 2 missions, providing a total of 678 GB of data.

Detecting planets outside our solar system directly is hard, because when…

Nuno Ramos Carvalho

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