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Numa era em que os comunicadores possuem tecnologia para fazer a mensagem chegar à pessoa certa, o ICIEG poderia ter optado uma estratégia com melhor impacto.

Antes que alguém pense em algo tão disparatado como, "então és a favor da violência contra a mulher?" — ,vou esclarecer o que quero dizer.

Se o alvo dessa campanha é a mulher que sofre violência, acho que é contraintuitivo tornar essa campanha pública, por mais que possam pensar que isto irá dissuadir o agressor, o que isto irá fazer é alertá-lo, e consequentemente mudará de estratégia.

Façamos um exercício de imaginação — o…


I never was the type of person that you can call an A-Player, but I am working on it.

During my childhood my mind was sharp and I could catch up on things quickly. Learned Portuguese fast, before my first day at school — we speak creole in our day-to-day despite Portuguese being the official language here in Cabo Verde.

I remember I was still in kindergarten when I’ve learned all these MS-DOS commands to play Prince of Persia and Grand Prix Circuit.

The technology was never a problem for me, and when I was a teenager I started learning…

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building new skills. there it is — something everybody wants to, but few people have the patience to do that. they have this “i should know this thing yesterday despite the fact i didn’t even try to learn it once in my life” type of mentality.

observation: i will talk about skateboard but you can take your lessons from the marketing world as well, especially if you are a padawan like me. i am not a guru, i have no intention to become one, i was/am feeling stuck because like most of the entry-level we have this hard time reading…

Nuno Sancha

I drink coffee all day long hoping to be awake when the hard work pays off.

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