Introducing: Water.

Photo: Nuno Veloso

We all are mostly H2O. Most of our beautiful planet’s surface is H2O.

While water is the source of life, it can also be the source of death. It’s our simplest resource, yet the most complex to take care of. And, surprisingly, we seem to know more about water in Mars than what lies in the depth of our oceans.

Since I was a kid, water was always part of my life, through the ocean. More specifically in the fishermen neighbourhood of Caxinas, near Porto, Portugal. Before even walking, I learned how much we should respect water, its power, its importance, and that we always should protect it.

Nowadays, I regard water with as much respect as before. One of my life passions, surf, makes me be connected with it in a very particular way. And since today we “celebrate” it. Here are a few hand-picked resources that I recently came across about it. I got to know water from different perspectives. 
Have fun!


Thirst (2018) by Scott Harrison, the founder of charity: water.

Last month I came across this inspiring chronicle of how Scott used his skills as a promoter to bring clean water to millions of people.


The World’s Water Crisis (2018) episode of Netflix’s Explained.

How do we price our most valuable resource, while also ensuring access to it as a human right?

La Source des Femmes (2011) by Radu Mihaileanu.

A lightweight perspective on how access to water shouldn’t be taken for granted. Some of us just need to open the tap, some of us have to walk distances to get it. This is the story set in a small village of my beautiful Morocco.


CreativeMornings. This month’s theme is Water, and I was super happy to host my local chapter, CreativeMornings/OPO, this morning at Porto i/o Santa Catarina coworking space. Make sure you check the closest event near you!

The guest speaker was Adriana, presenting her shoes made out of recycled plastic that is picked up from the Portuguese coast. The friendly name for her brand is Zouri.

In that event, our surfers and artists friends Gijs Vanhee and Marijke Vanbiervliet exposed their work inspired years of exploring the coastline with their van. The theme: water, of course.


As an avid monthly lender on Kiva, I decided to connect this month’s loan with the theme. I happily lent to Rami, from Palestine. With a loan of $1975, he will be able to buy an irrigation network to serve his family farm. Join me in helping Rami to achieve his goals!

Happy World Water Day! :-)