Week 2 Reactions

By Beer Bitch’s Revenge

RIP Just Drew It’s RB corp

They’re dead. They’re all dead.

After a high-scoring Week 1, the Fantasy Reaper reared his ugly head and literally decimated rosters across the league. With Ameer Abdullah, Thomas Rawls, Arian Foster, Doug Martin, Donte Moncrief, Tyler Lockett, Rob Gronkowski, Danny Woodhead and Adrian Peterson suffering with the injury bug, Week 2 was pure chaos.

Let’s check out the scoreboard and see how Week 2 treated the 11 Loyola Nu Phi.

BBR vs. DD

This one got interesting! Dirt Dynasty headed into Monday Night Football with a slight lead over Beer Bitch’s Revenge. Despite the Bears QBs forgetting Alshon Jeffrey exists, BBR managed to squeak out a .68 point victory in the 4th quarter.

With the last-minute Week 2 buzzer beater, Beer Bitch’s Revenge was all…

But it’s safe to say Dirt Dynasty was not pleased.

RS vs. SH

The Reedskins dominated Smit Happens from start to finish, posting a 147–103 victory in Week 2. But to be fair, Smit Happens had a STRONG showing from his kicker. Suck on that kicker haters!

The Reedskins are clearly still feelin’ themselves.

Poor Smit Happens can’t even.

KOS vs. E4C

ERect4Cincy was riding high after a big Week 1 victory but the King of the Sleepers Kevin O’Shea was ready to curb his enthusiasm with a big time upset. Despite a bit of a comeback on Monday Night Football, KOS finished off E4C 125–113.

Kevin O’Shea went from Steve Urkel to Stefan Urquelle thanks to Diggs doing work.

And Erect4Cincy went completely soft.


Just Drew It might be the most injury prone mf in this league. Heading into the late games on Sunday, JDI just needed a decent showing from Danny Woodhead or Adrian Peterson. Oh wait, Woodhead just got broken? What, Adrian Peterson is down too? Yikes. Sorry, Drew. Macho Man Mingo wins this one by a score of 118–115.

Just Drew It is over there reading don’t kill myself books.

Macho Man Mingo was just happy to get the last (diabolical) laugh.

OMW vs. McF

One Man Wolfpack is not playing around this season. After dominating Week 1, he kept the Pain Train rolling by curb stomping The McClusterfucks 165–133. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

One Man Wolfpack continues to absolutely crush dudes.

The McClusterfucks have no idea what’s going on.


The injury bugaboo got to Luckin’-A Crowbar too, taking down a starting WR and a starting RB. Butthurt Reynolds did not take pity on LAC, and instead charged forward to a 115–83 victory.

Butthurt Reynolds notched his first win thanks to some serious garbage time.

And Luckin’-A Crowbar finally found out who his daddy is. Hint: It’s Vince.

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