A Week of Working Out.

Day 1: Confused. Awkward chat with the trainer. Tired after stretching. Cardio. Done. Crossfit. Done. Eh. Working out it easy. Working out is fun. Take a public challenge for 22 days.

Day 2: Hmm. Little bit pain. But that’s expected. Not a problem. Working out for the win. It’s fun. Let’s rock the shit out of the core exercises. Get scared of Elliptical. So much for getting strong.

Day 3: OH. MY. GOD. There are muscles. Everywhere. In my body. And my body hurts. My brain hurts. My ovaries hurt. I can’t even blink. I’ll sell my soul to Satan for this to be over. Finished all sets. Can’t walk. Works from home.

Day 4: Rest day. Can’t walk. Can’t move. Can’t stretch hands beyond a certain point. Can’t lay straight. Why do you have to be so quick in taking stupid judgements. I am looking at you self proclaimed challenge taker. Sunday wasted.

Day 5: Feels okay. It’s not so bad. We can do it. Yeah. Few more reps. Few more sets. Are these stars all around? Can’t sneeze because abs hurt. Can’t laugh because abs hurt. Can’t cough because everything hurts. Come home and sleep. Everyday routine has improved though. Even having breakfast. Watches what goes in the body. Hmm. Not that bad.

Day 6: Drags self to the gym. Things hurt, but pushes through. One more set. One more rep. One more minute. One more squat. Pain is a way of life now. Introduced to new places in own body that let their existence be known by searing pain on any movement.

Day 7: The double chin has reduced visibly. The stomach is tightened, but may be because of the pain. Still lot of pain, but anything for these results. Lighter body, happier mind, better skin, better food habits.

Tomorrow is another day. The challenge continues!

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