Day 30: A beginning

I have reached the end of my writing challenge for this month. I was going through all my posts and I could clearly see what I was thinking every day. Every post is like a memory.

I was going through a rough patch meanwhile. From getting a pink slip to getting another job within a week, I saw it all in this month. But I realised I didn’t get demotivated throughout the ordeal and came out stronger. I understood why it’s said that you learn the most from failures.

I made friends, found mentors, met new people that I’d never have otherwise. I got a new perspective and renewed confidence in myself. I learnt being more productive. I learnt to push myself, one article at a time. I learnt to be more grateful for the things I have.

Reading all the posts, I realised I have been writing mostly about self improvement. I have been writing mostly in a positive note. Being a pessimist, I feel really happy today. It used to be very difficult for me to see things in a positive light. And these articles are a proof that each day I have improved. Each day I have written more on a positive note.

I have been changing my lifestyle choices every month, and making deliberate decisions to be more happy. And I am trying to quantify these changes so I can measure it. Nothing beats the exhilaration of finishing something that you decided to do.

In between the challenge I used to push myself everyday imagining end of the month when this would be over. Now writing this today, I don’t know if I want to stop writing my mind out every day. Sharing my thoughts publicly has made me more resilient towards the fear of an strangers impression of me. I care no longer what people would think of me if I write this down. Writing daily has made me feel more connected and happy over time. Even compassionate if I am figuring out my emotions correctly.

Here is to pushing myself to write everyday and being me = me + 1 every other day.

To beginnings.

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