Morning Routine Goals vs Reality

Goal: Wake up at 5.
Reality: Alarm goes off at 6, dismiss it, no snoozing and wake up at 7:00.

Goal: Don’t look at social media and mails after opening your eyes.
Reality: Mail, Facebook and r/aww for another half an hour.

Goal: Meditate and relax.
Reality: Meditate and forget how to breathe normally. You had one job?

Goal: Exercise everyday.
Reality: Decide every day, but get too lazy to change clothes and walk down the elevator to the gym in the building.

Goal: Plan your day.
Reality: Stare at your notebook for an hour, curse it and surf the net.

Goal: Prepare healthy breakfast and 30g of protein.
Reality: Hungry till lunch or eat carbs(cereals).

Goal: Relax for a few minutes by yourself.
Reality: Remember that stupid thing you did when dinosaurs were alive?

Goal: Feel Grateful.
Reality: Umm… What?

Goal: Take a slow cold shower.
Reality: I don’t have time, if I could skip taking a shower, maybe I could win this game that is coded so that no one can.

Goal: Be relaxed and happy when you leave for office.
Reality: But I only had three hours for myself!